Boom time coming for golf?

The clouds gathered months ago for sport, closure of venues eventually being demanded the length of the country. It was inevitable that golf would be included. While golfers still grumble about the logic behind the decision, the guidance that said "stay home" was unequivocal.

For the time being it remains so, at least at time of writing, presenting one good example of the government's Catch 22 predicament. Preventing golf and you're preventing unnecessary travel, regardless of the social distancing that is almost implicit in the game. But allowing folk to play golf would be undeniably good for the physical and mental health of participants. And because most members live a stone's throw from their own club, the driving is limited and the exposure to travel-associated risk about as small as could be imagined.

It looks very much like there's about to be a relaxation in the rules pertaining to golf. The government is no doubt comforted by the measures being proposed by England Golf to keep players safe.

If golf is to be one of the first sports out of the cage, this speaks volumes. In a world that is likely to see social distancing being part of the new normal, golf ticks a lot of boxes. That's why people are predicting that this could be something of a boom time for a sport that has struggled to gain participants in recent times. Nervous about indoor activity? Nervous about "contact-based" activity? Nervous about interactive team activity? Still wanting the buzz of competition, exercise and camaraderie? Golf ticks them all.

This is why Knaresborough is, for the time being, keeping its Membership books open. Being a heavily community-oriented Club, right on the outskirts of Knaresborough, we're determined to do our bit to encourage participation in this most fantastic of sporting activities.

If you're a Member and you would like to bring friends or acquaintances into the game, now's the time... you can both enjoy significant discounts through our "introduce a friend" scheme.

If you're a visitor to these pages and would like to talk about your membership options, (which start at an amazingly good value £360) contact us through any of the channels on the site... or complete the contact form here.

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