Men’s Captain’s Blog, Feb 2018

Go for it, they said. There’ll be a lot of stuff to do, but you’ll enjoy it, they said.

Don't worry, I intend to.

So here I am, Men’s Captain of the best of golf clubs… best as defined by its members as much as it’s superb golf course. And like the parent of a first-born baby, the first few weeks are all a bit "what to do, what to say, when to step in etc."

I know it’s not quite like “the old days” when the club captain was the de facto CEO for a year. The Men's Captain doesn't chair the committee and has little power to make demands or change things other than through individual vote (and indeed, why would I want to?). To be honest I’m glad about that… the last thing a club needs is a regular change of boss... LUFC and all that. Furthermore, being “just” Men’s Captain means I can focus on the things I really want to focus on. So here goes...

Social Calendar: Something for everyone

First and foremost, in the best interest of club and member, I want to do my bit to ensure that all the Club's "events" are successful… that’s golfing and social events. The hideous winter that we've had to endure since I knew I was formally to be installed as “el capitan0” has provided the chance to get the ball rolling on both fronts.

Social events: I’ve been involved with the new Entertainment committee. KGC has missed having such a thing for several years now and it’s brilliant for us Captains to have the support of a team behind our flights of fancy. Well done Mike McKay and Gee Fisher et al for taking up the challenge of delivering a social programme to be proud of. Here's a snapshot:

  • Valentines cabaret evening, 17th Feb: I think we can claim a pretty much full house with over 60 attendees confirmed. Thanks for your support!
  • Men’s dinner, 23rd Feb: Here’s where we need your help (again, yes again!) because, as usual with Men’s dinners, we could do with filling an extra table or two. I know, it’s right on the back of the Valentines event, and it’s a load of blokes in DJs, many of whom you don’t know from Adam. But it also happens to be a lot of fun (and at only £25, great value). MC McVey will be in the chair and I’ll be giving outgoing Captain Seve something of a send-off too. We have a great local comedian. And a meal! What’s not to like? Please support the organisers and let’s show the other club captains and union representatives how well we can do these things at KGC.
  • Would I wine to you? April 28th: Quiz-based wine tasting event. At only £10 a head to include ten wines plus cheese and biccies, this is going to be a great evening.. again in aid of my chosen charity. I’m incredibly grateful to member Richard Pickles for supporting us… he really didn’t have to, and I’m so chuffed he's offered his experience to help run the show. Tables of six, so either make up your own team or just put your name down (sheet up from March 1st).
  • Ladies and Gents Captains’ Summer Celebration, June 23rd will be as fab a night as we can possibly make it, all for a price that keeps it real. Sincerely hope we can make that another full house.
  • The Rozzers, Sept 29th: Finally for now, annual gig night. Following last year’s superb Slade UK evening, Saturday September 29th sees KGC hosting another awesome band. Remember The Police? Well, you’ll enjoy “The Rozzers”…. not least because lead singer Owen James sounds more like Sting than Sting does! They're a great tribute band and I know we'll get a full house.

Golf/fun stuff

Night Golf, Feb 22nd: Yes it's time to play silly beggars in the dark again, with tee offs from 6pm. We have a full card of entries. Massive thanks to Steve Watson of ClearView window cleaning for his company's unstinting support. People often think the sponsor is just there in the background, reluctantly coughing up a few quid from ready cash. Not ClearView! Steve’s put his shoulder to the wheel for this event in so many ways...this time being his third! Yes he buys all those glowing balls and the lightsticks to mark the course out. He also scoots around the course to lay them out. And he prints the raffle tickets, coaxes and cajoles everyone he meets into contributing prizes, and then sells the tickets too! And let me tell you (from experience) that flogging raffle tickets is no fun… however brilliant the prizes on offer (and this year they are truly brilliant... available from KGC bar). For most people buying tickets is a charitable contribution rather than an optimistic punt at the prizes. And most folk already give to charity in some way, so I know we’re asking a lot for them to put hand to pocket again. That said, I couldn’t be happier with progress, nor for that matter my choice of charity (Myeloma UK, about which more next time).

Theakstons Day, July 28th… to be inked in your diary for sure. Great comp, once again sponsored by our friends at Theakstons: BBQ, inexpensive alcoholic refreshments, disco.

Golf/team matters

Finally for now, something about golf! A note about the Men’s first and second teams. Sheets are up in the gents’ locker room. It’s a funny situation, and something of a historical artefact, but 1st team matches allow for handicaps from 0 to 18, while 2nd team only goes from 8 to 15. So in theory most folk can play for both or either... and some who aren't quite good enough for seconds, could actually play for firsts. And given the 90% handicap allowance, we might just play that game. So if you love matchplay golf and feel a bit of form coming on, you know what to do.

The first team has three big matches to start the year off... May 9th Otley Away, May 15th Harrogate Away, May 21st Rudding Home. It's vital to get off to a strong start!

It’s important that we make a good showing in both of these interclub competitions, and equally important that anyone who feels like they might enjoy the odd matchplay duel, is on our radar... firsts and seconds!

We're kicking things off with a 1st vs 2nd team encounter on March 25th. Second team took the honours last year, which I was pleased about... but I'll be less pleased if the same occurs this year! Team entry either in Clubhouse or let me know if you're in. We'll try to accommodate all comers.

So there we go… for now. Lots happening. I’m committed to making it a great year for you, but as you might have noticed, can't do it alone. Thanks to all helpers and to you for supporting our efforts.


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