Captains’ Weekly Tri-Cast Draw

With ticket sales due to commence on March 31st it's a good time to tell Members about our new weekly 3 ball "Tri-Cast" in aid of the Men's and Ladies' Captains' charities

The aim is to forecast the correct sequence of numbers on 3 balls drawn each week from 0 to 9... so a number between 0 and 999.

It will be £1 a go and you may enter as many times as you like. All monies will be split 50-50 between the winner/winners and the chosen charities.

Forecasting all 3 numbers in the correct sequence will win (or share) the week's prize fund ... plus any roll-over jackpot!

In the event of no winner in any week we will have a consolation prize for anyone drawing the correct numbers but not in the correct sequence. In this eventuality 50% goes to the Captains' charities, 25% to the consolation winner(s), and 25% to the jackpot fund. Should no one achieve this then the whole weeks prize fund will be split 50/50 between the charities and the Jackpot fund.

Once the Jackpot reaches £500 a reserve jackpot will be started. Should the reserve jackpot also reach £500 then a continuous draw will be carried out until someone has 3 numbers in the correct sequence and wins the first Jackpot.

Should someone forecast the correct 3 numbers in sequence before the reserve jackpot reaches £500 then the winner wins only the first jackpot and the reserve jackpot will continue as the main jackpot.

Entry can be made via the forecast sheet held behind the bar.

Entries will close at 12.30pm on a Sunday, with the draw to be held as soon as possible thereafter.

Entry is limited to KGC members aged 18 and over.

And remember.... if the fun stops, stop.

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