Centenary Arts and Craft Fair

We are still keen to hear from members who may have something to offer the Arts and Crafts Fair planned for Sunday, November 12th.

If you make, paint, draw, stitch, build, sculpt, sew, bake, mould or carve things; if you create in metal, plastic, wood, match-sticks, wool or glass, please talk to us. Don’t be modest. Your skill or hobby could help us raise important funds to make our Centenary Year a very special one.

Your creations could stand on their own table or share with other artefacts. You could even donate unwanted possessions such as a hand-bag or jewellery – we’ll have a special table for donated goods.

Or you could simply be a volunteer, helping at the craft stalls or collecting merchandise and setting it up. Just contact us for a chat.

Mike Mckay tel 888450:  email: mikemckay@sky.com

Pat Johnstone  551831

Or leave word at the Office. Thank you.

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