Clubhouse Refurbishment: We’re nearly there!

After all the wall work, the major element of the refurbishment, the flooring is now complete. There is a mixture of carpet and hard floor around the bar and into the president's lounge.  This provides an aesthetically pleasing contrast and is also practical, considering the inevitable drips and spills that can happen near the bar. The carpet has made a huge improvement to the visual appeal of the rooms and really hints at what the final look will be. The furniture is expected week ending 3 May and curtains and blinds soon after that. You will probably remember that we are retaining some of the old furniture, but we are making efforts to ensure that the old furniture blends in with the new design.

It is pleasing to hear so many positive comments from members about the refurbishment and your patience during times of disturbance is appreciated - we’re nearly there!

Naturally the refurbishment is consuming most of our time at the moment but work is continuing on the maintenance list to determine the priority items, costs for same and arriving at a budget and schedule for the work.

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