Did you know…?

It's quite acceptable to not know everything about your golf club. So we thought maybe a few snippets of "local knowledge" might come in handy.

Let's start with Members' guests...

First up, the good news is that seven day Members will once again be gifted three guest vouchers, claimable through the office, for 2020. These vouchers are worth £60 (guest rate is £20) and have been a very welcome addition to the list of benefits. Note that the vouchers are non-transferable and sadly we can't carry them over to the subsequent year if unused. Neither can they be used on "Invitation" Days. Still a great benefit and once again demonstrates our commitment to making the 7 day experience the best value for the keen golfer.

On the subject of guests, the rate of £20 also represents great value and is open to all Members for them to bring friends or family to enjoy the wonders of Knaresborough Golf Club. There are rules however, to protect us all against the possibility of abuse of the Club's generosity. The basics are that a Member can sign in up to 3 persons at a time and is expected to play with them (or at least in the same group). While the Member can bring as many folk along during the year as they like, they can only introduce any given guest up to 5 times a year. Furthermore that guest can only play at KGC up to 5 times a year... so cannot be signed in by multiple Members.

NEXT TIME: RECIPROCAL AGREEMENTS FOR 2020... Which clubs? What prices? How to use? who qualifies? So watch this space!

If you'd like to suggest subjects you'd like to see clarified here, don't hesitate.

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