England Edge It

There was to be no repeat of last year's besporraned rampage in the 2017 encounter. The auld enemy were too much for the chilly jockos, who capitulated to an 8.5/5.5 defeat. There was some spectacular golf played however, most notably in match 2, which saw 19 birdies from the pairings of Sleight/Robinson and Backhouse/Taylor.

Cross border hostilities are always suspended for this event, replaced by a thin veneer of friendly banter. When Scotland boss Colin Struthers' final plaintive cry of "Come on Scotland," drifted forlornly into the late afternoon ether, it was clear to all that the game was up.

Genial hosts Struthers and Captain Crawley fully entertained the audience with further gentle examples of Anglo-Scottish humour, culminating in the handing over of the trophy. Mr Struthers, under his breath, heard to utter the words of Wallace, "Next time, sassenachs!"

Great evening was had by all, entertainment provided not least by the three Skinners.

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