Ex-KGC Donald Crawley gets his Centenary Book (and top 50 in America accreditation!)

Not everybody will know that Knaresborough Golf Club boasts one of America's top golf teachers of the past 20 years in its roster of past members. Donald Crawley was at KGC in the early 1970s along with his dad, Fred. His mum, Annie also ultimately joined! He even paid us a visit for a round with long time friend and then Captain Nigel Saville last year, along with pro Andy. And he's hoping to be here again this summer for KGC's centenary week.

In the meantime, to get him in the mood, we've sent him a copy of the superb history of KGC, Picking the Stones.

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Donald was the first ever winner of the HDUGC President’s Prize back in (we think) 1972. He joined staff at Oakdale as assistant-pro in about 1974 then moved to Pannal under Murray Burgess and was ‘Trainee of the Year’ in about 1979. Soon afterwards he joined John Jacobs at De La Pre golf centre in Northampton. During his work there he was sent to USA to help set-up the John Jacob’s Golf Schools … on a month’s trip …. But he never came back !

Donald's been based in the USA (mainly at The Boulders Resort near Scottsdale, Arizona) as a teacher ever since and is still going strong…  Indeed he's been one of Golf magazine’s prestigious “Top 100 Teachers in America” for 20 consecutive years and it's just been announced that he's on Golf Digest's Top 50 Teachers in America for 2020.

"Picking the Stones" is a wonderful read and a precious memento of KGC's 100 years of existence, so why not grab yourself a copy either from the office for the amazing price of just £10.

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