Fantastic Deal aims to help under 40s onto the Course

Choices of leisure activity are incomparably broader than they were even a decade ago, while income and other limiting factors haven't always expanded to the same extent.

Little wonder then that golf club membership is under pressure, and even less surprising that clubs struggle to get younger people playing...the average age of golf club members stubbornly remains well over 60.

Being an aspirational, forward-looking Club, at Knaresborough we're pioneering some innovative approaches to encouraging the younger golfer. And by younger we don't just mean Juniors and those in their early twenties... we mean folk under 40! Why? Because the under 40 age group often comprises the most time-poor, with the highest level of financial commitments, whether that's the kids, the mortgage, the student loan or the gym fees.

So for the first time we're introducing a 28-39 age group price of £600, which is significantly lower than the full subscription rate and a massive statement of intent by the Club.

So even the most time poor seeker of leisure time activity can enjoy golf at Knaresborough, without the commitment to full membership subscription. Find more here.

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