Such has been the success of KGC's recruitment effort this year the Club has reached capacity for its Flexi Membership programme. New Members have boosted the category by 30% since the start of the new subscription year, meaning it has now reached the point where we have to declare it full.

No need to panic though... while all categories have seen sizeable increases there are other great deals on offer:

You could still elect to take out a SUMMER TASTER membership for 1,2 or 3 months, starting at £199 (3 months for £399 when bought in advance). This is a great deal, especially when you add in the 10% reduction from 2021 subs.

Or what about FlexiPLUS? An enhanced version of Flexi, that for just £680 delivers a significantly lower cost per round.

Potential new members are encouraged to visit our "Types of Membership" page to find the offering that best matches their demands.

In fact, so many and varied are our offerings that it may be better to contact us to set up a chat (01423860690) or email conversation.

Don't hang around

You're encouraged to do so with due haste though, because other categories are filling up fast.

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