Knaresborough Golf Club's centenary year in 2020 has been severely and unfortunately stymied to a large extent by the global pandemic. Much of what was to be a special year for our Members has either been cancelled, deferred to 21 or modified.

So, as the situation remains dynamic, we'll use this page to keep you updated about the ever-changing calendar of events that now means we have the benefit of an extra year to celebrate the club's hundred years of existence.

"Fantastic Sketch"

In the meantime, enjoy a reminder of how the celebrations started with the Founders' Day enactment of Mike McKay's Founding Fathers in "The Birth" sketch on our Youtube channel here. Or if you'd rather enjoy the read, here's the full script.

Not all was lost! Here's a schedule of events that took place for 2020. Watch out for more in 2021.