Ladies, you don't have to be experienced golfers to enjoy the game at KGC

At Knaresborough Golf Club we're keen to welcome ladies who may never have held a golf club before, but fancy the idea of learning a new skill, enjoying fresh air, exercise and socialising all at the same time.

Club Professional Andy Turner is a great coach and runs group courses for new joiners in addition to one-to-one coaching. The aim of the coaching is to take complete novices and inexperienced lady golfers through a structured, yet informal programme that is designed to be relaxed and fun, in an environment that suits all.

Easy does it

Group coaching sessions take place on the large practice ground, just inside the Course entrance, so again the introduction to the game doesn't throw participants straight into the deep end that is the course proper. Also, the Ladies section is volunteering its Members to provide a mentoring or "buddying" arrangement. This is designed to provide beginners with someone who can guide and answer questions as well as make social introductions.

Find out more about our types of Membership here.

So what are you waiting for?

As we always say, you'll always be very welcome at Knaresborough Golf Club!