Hairdresser Membership…no we’re not joking!

At Knaresborough Golf Club we're aiming to increase participation, which means thinking deeply about who might like to play golf and the reasons they currently don't.

One idea taps into the fact that many professions take Monday off. Whether it's restaurants or hairdressers, Monday represents a "day of rest," which got us wondering whether a special category of membership for that one day a week would be appealing.

After all, with Knaresborough Golf Club sitting so close to its wonderful market town, what better idea than for the working folk of the town to enjoy beautiful countryside golf on the doorstep?

So for only £200 a year you can have a Monday-only membership. We're calling it our "Hairdresser" membership category, even though it obviously doesn't just apply to that profession... nor even necessarily to people who only have Mondays off for that matter!

Initial approaches to a couple of local establishments have yielded reactions that have been a mixture of hilarity, surprise and delight, with one person commenting; "What a brilliant idea! I'd never even thought of playing golf, and I'm sure I'll be rubbish at it, but it might just be fun."

So call it what you will, but we had to call it something.

To learn more, contact Knaresborough's Club Office at 01423 862690 or contact us through the website.

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