House Update: Clubhouse plans on the move

Here's the first of what we hope will be a series of posts about all things "house" including Clubhouse refurbishment and general maintenance activities: Thanks to Christine McGurk and the House team for their continued great commitment to ensuring our Clubhouse is a place that Members can enjoy and utilise.

Chris says:


Following the recent open meeting, the refurbishment team have been working on obtaining better estimates for all the various elements of the refurbishment. So far these revised estimates have taken approximately £11,000 off  the expected cost of the work.

In order to meet the reduced budget set by the management committee, two main areas have been cut:

  1. There will be less new furniture than in the original plan
  2. Some items that were originally supply and fit, are now supply only.

We have also received a reduced quotation for the electrical work from a member which has made a significant impact.

The consequence of the second cut is that we will need support from members to give of their time to assist with putting the rooms back together once the work is complete.

For anyone who missed the open meeting, the scope of the refurbishment is:

  • Replace all lighting with a mix of dimmable and feature lighting
  • Replace all the curtains and the pelmets in the main room
  • Replace the blinds in the presidents lounge with Roman blinds
  • Decorate throughout
  • Replace carpet with a combination of carpet and hard floor
  • Replace all furniture - subject to budget restrictions

The new estimate has now been approved so work will begin as soon as is practical.


There is a comprehensive work list of maintenance items that need attention.  Some of these will be taken care of by the refurbishment; others will need planning and scheduling. The approach to be taken is that that the list will be prioritised and the top priority items dealt with as soon as possible.

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