Introduce a Friend to KGC for 2017

KGC introfriend 2017 copy

KGC has truly bucked the national trend, with member numbers now back up to 2007 levels. The combination of great course, lots of well-received development work and a great group of people seems to be compelling. With member numbers at healthy levels it's tempting to sit back on our laurels, but that would be a bit lazy and indeed selfish, depriving potential new members of the experience we all enjoy so much.

While we really don't desire an influx of new blood, we would like to keep the Club moving forward in a way that delivers the essential balance of healthy and sustainable finances with a course that is never too busy. One example is that we manage visiting party numbers very carefully, always acting in the interest of our Members.

Recent joiners at Knaresborough Golf Club seem to be a happy bunch, frequently being quoted saying things like, "this is an amazingly friendly golf club" or " I used to play elsewhere and the difference here is that you can walk up and get invited to play" or "I was made to feel really welcome from the day I joined."

We'd like to bring some happiness into the lives of some other souls too.

They always say a club's members are its best recruiters, so here's your chance to go all "salesperson" and introduce a friend to KGC. If you do so (successfully!), you can enjoy a "thank you" in the form of money added to your bar card at the rates shown on the attached flier.

What's not to like about that?

Thanks for your help and support

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