KGC Revamps Flexible Scheme for 2017


Knaresborough Golf Club has launched a redesigned Flexible Membership programme which it is hoped will appeal to golfers who, for whatever reason, are unable to commit to a full Membership subscription.

Having run a Flexible scheme for a few years, the Club felt it would benefit from a review. The result of much deliberation is a programme that offers a higher entry level price of £299, but this includes all affiliation and insurance fees and much more golf than the old scheme...a total of 12 rounds in fact.

And when it comes to cashing in your credits for golf, we've removed all the complicated rates for peak/off peak and summer/winter, making it a flat rate of 20 points per 18 hole round.

And sticking with the original intention, which is to appeal to golfers who are perhaps time-limited, we also offer an "11 hole or less" rate of 12 points.

Topping up the points is also a simpler matter, with two available rates of £100 or £200 delivering 100 or 240 points respectively.

The new programme comes into effect immediately on October 1st, 2016, so existing Flexible Members will be able to top up their points according to the new, rather than the old rules.

Most importantly, the number of Flexible Members is strictly capped, with priority for subsequent years being given to existing scheme participants.

Full Terms and Conditions can be found here

To register your interest or answer your questions, please contact us by either calling on 01423 862690 or completing a contact form

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