KGC Welcomes New Officers

Sunday March 27th saw Graham Oxley performing his Mens Captain's Drive-in duty, the amassed crowd witnessing what will undoubtedly be Graham's most stressful drive of the season. And while it might not have ended up particularly adjacent to the target cross, the shot was warmly welcomed by the group, which included friends, family and supporters at the start of what everyone expects to be a great year for Graham. What was more, Graham's 99 year old Grandmother was there to witness his proud moment.


That's Gran in the picture(above), obviously unaware of Graham's preferred left-to-righters (or in this case left-to-lefters) .


Here's Graham receiving his Captain's jacket from outgoing Captain John Martin.

Graham is splitting his charitable donations for the year between Multiple Sclerosis and Cancer Research, and Club Members will no doubt be digging deep to support two great causes during the next twelve months.

Good luck Graham (pictured below with new President Colin McLaren)


Also warmly welcomed into his new role is Colin McLaren, following the highly successful three year tenure of John Bradley as Club President. Pictured below are John and Colin at the Sunday event.


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