Mat Amnesty and Polite Notice re: Divots

Now that we're newly relieved of the need to use mats to protect KGC's fairways during the non-growing season, there are two requests to make of Members. Firstly, could we ask you to check that you don't have any mats lurking in your possession...we're still about 200 mats short of where we started and at the best part of a fiver a mat, we'd like to avoid having to acquire more.

Secondly, flushed with relief at not having to bend down and pick up a mat, we're asking Members (and Visitors) to replace one bending down action with another.... that of replacing divots, both on the fairways and in the rough. Let's keep the course in tip top condition and make the most of the protective measures we endured during the winter.

Lecture over. Thanks for your cooperation.


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