Which Category of Membership is right for you?

Golf Club Membership used to be a simple matter... one size fitted all... just like the old Model T, you could have any colour as long as it was black! Nowadays it's refreshingly different. Progressive clubs such as Knaresborough offer something for varied pockets and lifestyles. After all, the needs of the avid "golfing nut" are not the same as those of the newcomer or occasional "dabbler."

To help you through the confusion of offers (we really do try to keep it simple!), here's a bit of assistance. And if, after all the deliberating your chosen category doesn't suit, you can change it at any time.

Experience and personal preference will dictate. For example, if you want the benefits of being a KGC Member, including voting rights, and if you want to play on a Saturday, including all applicable competitions, then seven day Membership's for you. Seven day membership is the most popular, and being a private Members' club, that's how it will probably always be.

So, having chosen the right golf club, let's see if we can help you along the road to your perfect golfing experience.

Where to start?

Pay and Play

If you want to play more than very occasional golf, and you want to gain or hold your World Handicap System (WHS) Index, participate in competitions and enjoy the social side, just paying and playing isn't for you. However, if you really are after just the odd game and don't want the golf club membership experience, then simply paying green fees might just be right for you. Find our guide rates here.

Introduction or Credit Scheme categories (points-based)

The "entry level" offering is our Introduction package that starts at only £400 from April 1st 2022. This points-based system means you can tailor your expenditure to closely match the amount of golf you will play in any given year. The starter package gets you in and allocates you 220 points, which is 11 rounds of golf at "peak" times; and more at Off-Peak.

You're able to play any time except Saturdays before 1pm or before 9am any other day, and you can enter many (but not all) club competitions. An 11 hole round appeals to those who have less time or want to play the Summer Wednesday 11 hole competition - which is a great favourite. So if you want you can play 19 11-holes rounds a year under the Introduction membership.

You can also buy more points in the event that you use yours up (and many people do!).

The Introduction category is only available to any one individual for a period of two years after which we hope you will step up to another category of membership.

The Credit Scheme category offers better value than Introduction which offers 625 points for just £750 that equates to 31 "peak" time rounds, albeit with the same restrictions as Introduction, although Credit Scheme members can also play in Monthly Medal competitions (not available to Introduction Members). Find terms and conditions here.

5, 6 or 7 day

The more traditional membership, which is offered on a 5, 6 or 7 day basis, 5 being weekdays, 6 including Sundays and ... you get the picture.

It's hard to provide a break-off point at which you might be better stepping up to a 5, 6 or 7 day Membership. That is entirely up to you. What we'd say though is that if you're playing more than one or two rounds a month, and if you're not seeking Saturday morning golf, then the five or even six day option may suit you better. Then again, for relatively little extra you can enjoy full course and competition access and full Membership privileges with a full 7 day Membership. And once again this year we've thrown in three guest vouchers (value £60) so you can enjoy a fourball with friends or family.

That's it. Those are the foundations. You can find information about age-related discounts and other products on our main membership page, here.

Getting more youngsters playing

Finally, we have specific initiatives aimed at bringing the game to a younger audience. We're offering a £61 membership fee for Juniors up to and including their 15th birthday, followed by a discounted fee structure right up to your 40th birthday. Yep, under 40s are still considered youngsters!

So if you're under 40, full Membership can be yours for a significant discount, which is a deal not to be sniffed at.

If in doubt... please ask

The bottom line then is that our breadth of prices and categories means there's very likely to be something just for you. If you'd like help or guidance, please don't hesitate to contact our Club office for advice.