Membership Packages to Suit Your Lifestyle

Recent course and clubhouse enhancements mean there's never been a better time to be a member of Knaresborough Golf Club. Our range of membership categories means there's one to fit the way you want to play your golf. And we've managed to keep our subscription levels incredibly competitive in the spirit of providing a wonderful golfing experience to suit all pockets.

For more information about which category of membership best suits you, visit our guidance page or speak to our friendly Club Manager who can provide help and advice.

Remember that while the membership year starts in April, you can join at any time and pay pro rata.

Your choice of membership from April for 2022/23 is as follows:

7 Day £1170

Great Value Full Membership.

Incredible value full membership at one of Yorkshire's finest clubs

No Joining Fee, no Playing Restrictions

Access to all Club competitions

Monthly Payment Option

Reciprocal agreement with other selected clubs

Includes 3 free Guest vouchers worth £60

6 Day £1095

10% Discount for New Members under 50

As 7 day, but Sunday through Friday inclusive only

No access to competitions designated as being for 7 day members only.

Does not include 3 guest vouchers

5 Day £1000

10% Discount for New Members under 50

As 6 day, but Monday through Friday inclusive only

Restrictions on competitions due to weekday only status.

Reciprocal agreements don't apply

Introduction (points-based) £400

This category is for new members to Knaresborough Golf Club and is only available for a period of two complete subscription years before another category of membership must be chosen. It is useful for those new to golf or players who cannot commit to a lot of golf.

Achieve a World Handicap System (WHS) Index to allow you to play in competitions.

Lowest initial outlay cost to be a member at Knaresborough Golf Club.

Top-ups available as required if you find you can play more rounds.

7 day course access (except Saturday before 1pm or any other day before 9am)

Credit Scheme (points-based) £750

10% Discount for New Members under 50

This category is for golfers who are able to play a reasonable amount of golf during the year but don't require full membership; and is more economic than the Introduction category and buying more credits. Top-ups are available if you find you need to play more rounds.

Achieve a World Handicap System (WHS) Index to allow you to play in competitions.

Lower cost per round than Introduction.

Playing time restrictions apply as per Introduction.

Introduction and Credit Scheme categories offer access to selected club competitions as specified in the TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

Other Categories**

Junior (up to and including year in which 15th birthday falls) £61

Junior (Age 16-18) £177

Age 19-23  £420 (7 day)

Age 24-27 £685 (7 day)

Age 28-30 £825 (7 day)

Age 31-34 £885 (7 day)

Age 35-39 £955 (7 day)

Age 82+(with 10 years prior membership, continuation of playing rights):

20% discount off 5 or 6 day Membership

House £70 (inc VAT)

House & Practice Facilities £200

Country (living >30 miles from KGC and current member of another club) £455

Community (CASC) £520

Note: All prices for playing members subject to additional insurance and governing body fees at prevailing rate. A £50 Bar Advance Payment scheme will also be applied.

KGC Membership Application Form (just print, complete and send to KGC)

** restrictions/conditions available on request