Membership Packages to Suit Your Lifestyle

Recent course and clubhouse enhancements mean there's never been a better time to be a member of Knaresborough Golf Club. Our range of membership categories means there's one to fit the way you want to play your golf. And we've managed to keep our subscription levels incredibly competitive in the spirit of providing a wonderful golfing experience to suit all pockets.

For more information about which category of membership best suits you, visit our guidance page or speak to our friendly Club Manager who can provide help and advice.

Remember that while the membership year starts in April, you can join at any time and pay pro rata.

Your choice of membership for 2020:

7 Day £1054

Incredible value full membership at one of Yorkshire's finest clubs

No Joining Fee, no Playing Restrictions

No additional fee to pay on playing

Access to all Club competitions

Monthly Payment Option

Reciprocal agreement with other selected clubs

Includes 3 free Guest vouchers worth £60

6 Day £980

As 7 day, but Sunday through Friday inclusive only

No access to competitions designated as being for 7 day members only.

Does not include 3 guest vouchers

5 Day £900

As 6 day, but Monday through Friday inclusive only

Note restrictions on competitions due to weekday only status.

Board competitions (Cornish Cup/Scales etc.) excluded.

Reciprocal agreements don't apply

Flexible (points-based) £360

Points-based "Flexi" Scheme 

Whether you're a beginner or just trying us out. Or perhaps you fancy a "second club" membership, or indeed just like the concept of points-based golf.

Top-ups available as required

7 day course access (except Saturday before midday or any other day before 8am)

Flexi Schemes Flier here

FlexiPLUS ("enhanced" Flexi) £680

Many people who join on the entry-level Flexi scheme find they need to buy more points. FlexiPLUS fills that gap, offering golf at a significantly reduced rate per round compared with either Flexi or Flexi with top-ups.

Flexi and FlexiPLUS schemes offer access to selected club competitions as specified in the TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

Saturday morning exception applies as per Flexi.

Other Categories**

Junior (up to and including year in which 15th birthday falls) £55

Junior (Age 16-18) £160

Age 19-23  £375 (7 day)

Age 24-27 £615 (7 day)

Age 28-34 £735 (7 day)

Age 35-39 £795 (7 day)

Age 80+(with 10 years prior membership, continuation of playing rights):

33% discount off 5, 6 or 7 day Membership

Monday only  £290

House £70 (inc VAT)

Country (living >30 miles from KGC and current member of another club) £410

Community (CASC) £520

Note: All prices for playing members subject to additional insurance and governing body fees at prevailing rate.

KGC Membership Application Form (just print, complete and send to KGC)

** restrictions/conditions available on request