Here's a very special offer to get you on the course this winter.

Winter "Taster"

Winter is undoubtedly "out of season" for many outdoor sports. Yet it's hard to better a round of autumn, winter or spring golf when the weather plays its part. At Knaresborough Golf Club recent investments make the course playable on as many winter days as possible. New drainage, new pathways and improved greens mean we've reduced course closures in recent years and we no longer demand the use of mats through the winter months.

All of which makes our "Winter Taster" membership a very popular way of stepping into golf at Knaresborough, especially because you can effectively make it FREE GOLF.

Here's how: Join for the three months of January through March for just £200 and have that amount deducted from your full year subs when you renew as a 6 or 7 day member in April. That's 15 months for the price of 12... or three months free!

In fact the scheme starts right now, so you can join for the 6 months from October 1st for just £360 (or pro rata thereafter) and still get your £200 deducted when renewing in April.

Most people use this scheme as a precursor to joining everyone's favourite golf club. But this is also a great deal if you'd just like a short term membership at a reduced rate compared with summer.

To enquire, complete the form here, email us here or call us on 01423 862690 ext 1