Men’s Captain’s Blog, May 2018

Good grief, I'm almost half way through my tenure! Better get on and enjoy some golf, now we're on the cusp of the season proper and the sun's shining. The course is in stunning condition, especially when we consider how recently it was being subjected to deluge after deluge. Incidentally, I'm informed that we have been closed significantly less often than all the other clubs in the union (except the "always open" one).

A few people have asked about the timing of the Men's Captaincy, so now might be a good opportunity to clarify. Going back a while, it was decided that the financial management of the Club would be more sensible with a June year end. The theory is that this allows a few months to finalise annual accounts and get them audited in time for an October AGM. This also means Men's and Ladies' Captaincy years could be synchronised, opening up the opportunity for joint drive-ins etc. In turn this would give the newly incumbent captains the winter months to get their summer season planned. From personal experience, having some pre-season "golfing downtime" was a boon, allowing all sorts of stuff to get sorted out, together with a bit of thinking time.

So... 2017 Men's Captain Seve served 9 months (ish) and I'll serve 9 months (ish), finishing with October 25th AGM. Hope that's a useful explanation.

Did you know...? About Reciprocal Arrangements

In the interests of being as communicative as possible about the goings-on at KGC, this section will hope to include a fact that might have passed you by. This one's about our reciprocal arrangements with other clubs and was stimulated by the SODS group's "away day" at Durham City yesterday. Few in the group of 28 players knew that we have a reciprocal with Durham which means that 6 and 7 day Members can play there for £10. The same applies at Teesside. Also, we can play Cleveland for £15 and Skipton for free! To enjoy any of these courses at these rates Members need to organise visits via our own Club office. But I have to say Durham City, while being a bit of a drive away, is well worth it.


I said last time that everyone's been so generous and that has become ever truer in recent days! We are speaking with the charity (Myeloma UK) on a frequent basis and they are being extremely supportive of our efforts. While that sounds obvious, I have heard that charities sometimes take the generosity of fundraisers somewhat for granted. Not Myeloma UK... whenever we have an event they're in touch offering physical and human support. It really is great to know that the money we collect is recognised and appreciated! More about the "Would I wine to you?" evening later, but I just wanted to inform you at this stage of another great gesture. Member Mark Whitaker has volunteered to do the Yorkshire Three Peaks (much harder than the other Three Peaks!) in aid of Myeloma UK. He will be doing it on Saturday June 23rd, culminating in a pint on the house at the Captains' Summer Celebration (if he can get up the stairs)! Mark will be very glad (and very deserving) of your sponsorship, so if you see him around the Club, please don't avoid his gaze. Finally for now, we had a great Captain/Pro challenge with the aforementioned Mark and his playing partner Steve Chapman. After a titanic battle the "good guys" sneaked it on the last, but it was all great fun and played in fantastic spirit (up 'til that point). Thanks so much for your contribution chaps and here's to the next pair, which I believe might be Mr Saul and Mr Tonkinson. If you'd like to pit yourselves against the (currently unbeaten) dynamic duo, check for dates with the one who can actually play the game (that'll be Andy).


Back in the summer of 2018 (April 19th), I attended the "Meet the President" day for newly appointed Hughie Orr at his home club, Ripon. Did you know by the way that in Knaresborough Golf Club's centenary year, 2020, the Union President will be our very own Mauricio Contreras! Congratulations in advance Mauricio.

First Team

To business, as they say. Next week (May 9th) sees the class of '18 first team's first outing at Otley GC. The team comprises four singles of Ian Backhouse, Steve Whitwham, Carl Peirson and Dean Sleight, alongside four pairs (NW/Andy T, Mark Teal and David Firth, Graham Oxley and Sam Moore, Paul Wilcox and David Lund. I know a significant number of other contenders put themselves forward, and it's my intention to make sure as many as possible get to contribute. For now, let's get things underway with a good showing at Otley. And while I'm on, good luck to ace VC Nigel Saville and his band who's campaign starts at Romanby.

Social events

wine eveningQuick update, given that it's only a few weeks since my last blog:

Would I wine to you? April 28th: We were hoping for a full house of 60.We got that... and some! Fantastic! 69 thirsty souls enjoyed a lively evening. The Clubhouse was really buzzing as everyone enjoyed a selection of wines and cheeses. Great to see! As was the fundraising result. While not absolutely final, it looks like we've exceeded £1000 on the night through a combination of ticket sales and raffle. And while they'll not want me to say it again, a massive thank you to Richard and Louise Pickles for providing the wine... we could not have done this without you. Thanks also to Steve Watson for sharing his wine knowledge and to the Sauvignon Sisters (Sylvie, Louise and Sue) for seamlessly delivering ten wines and the cheese platters to ten tables, bang on schedule without spilling a drop. Mostly though, thanks to all who attended and gave so generously. It says a lot about KGC Members.

Other dates for your diary

Ladies and Gents Captains’ Summer Celebration, June 23rd. An informal evening with buffet, music and dancing. Will hopefully be another fab night.

The Rozzers, Sept 29th: KGC is hosting another awesome band. Remember The Police? Well, you’ll enjoy “The Rozzers”…. not least because lead singer Owen James sounds more like Sting than Sting does!

Theakstons Day, July 28th… to be inked in your diary for sure. Great comp, once again sponsored by our friends at Theakstons: BBQ, inexpensive alcoholic refreshments, disco.

Men's Captain's Day, July 14th

Captain's Day for Ladies, Tues July 17th

Men's Captain's Away Day: Selby GC, July 20th. The sheet will go up shortly, so please get your name down asap to ensure you're in!

Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts!


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