New Ad Highlights Appeal of Golf at KGC for Ladies

2017 ladies press ad copy

Here's our new ad that we're hoping conveys the message that golf at Knaresborough is a superb recreational activity option for ladies. We're hoping to encourage a new raft of ladies to the game in a way that conveys the friendliness that characterises KGC. Just in case the potential joiner worries that golf club membership can be a bit cliquey and exclusive, the Ladies Section does a great job of welcoming new members, not least through its "Buddy" system that offers mentoring in the early stages of membership. This is intended to help people find their way around the course, the facilities, the groups and the competitions.

And for those who are concerned that they're not likely to be good enough to be let loose on KGC's beautiful acres, professional Andy Turner is offering a free lesson to newcomers in order to provide reassurance, basic skills and a bit of ice-breaking.

The icing on the cake is that we're offering new Lady members a free month's membership so you can try before you buy. After that it's just a matter of deciding which of the array of membership options is best for you.

As they say on all the best game shows...

Come on down... you're very welcome.

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