No Buggies Required…Over Eighties Beginners Course Focuses on Fitness

As part of its raft of new initiatives for 2016, KGC is running a series of lessons for new starters in the over eighties category which will take the form of a series of lessons. The course will be for players new to the game who will receive intensive coaching which will focus on all aspects of the game, from basic skills through to fitness, nutrition and mental sharpness. The first lesson will focus on fitness, involving stretching exercises and a short run to Ferrensby and back. The session will be followed by a nutritious meal comprising optional carrot or lettuce sandwiches and green tea before returning to the practice ground for a “fun” longest drive session.

New joiners without handicaps (golfing ones that is) will be asked to submit three score cards before they get one. At the conclusion of the course there will be a white tee medal competition at which anyone who scores below their age will be presented with an award.

Club Manager Ivor Roy stated; “It’s a well known fact that playing golf into your older years is a good way of ensuring there are more of them to enjoy. We hope this fantastic initiative will introduce a whole new group of fresh faces to the course.”

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