Open Meeting Thursday…follow up

A full house of interested KGC Members gathered to hear representatives of KGC's committee talk about and answer questions pertaining to the status of the course development plan and also the implementation of the online booking system. Both initiatives are important signals that the Club is determined to be progressive and forward thinking as we strive to compete in a competitive marketplace. The course development programme in particular aims to deliver an ever-better golfing challenge that will build on the excellent facility we currently enjoy.

In the spirit of KGC, much discussion ensued, this being a good opportunity for Members to voice any concerns, check understanding and collaborate in the future of the Golf Club.

The overriding messages were twofold: Firstly, standing still, while appealing to some, is not an option for the ambitious golf club.

Secondly, several speakers pointed out that individuals that make up the KGC Committee were doing everything in their powers to act in the best interests of the Club and its Members.

The evening ended with general agreement about the way forward.

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