Pick up your 2016 Membership pack

You can pick up your 2016 Membership package in the Clubhouse now. In it, you will find bag tag sticker, County Card, insurance card and Rules of Golf. 5, 6 and 7 day full fee paying Members will also receive a small gift from the Club in the form of one, two or three Member's Guest vouchers respectively. These are a small token of the Club's appreciation of your continued Membership, but there are rules..... these vouchers are for you to bring one, two or three friends along to enjoy (and hopefully join) the Club. They are not transferable between Members and the Member must accompany the guest(s). Also, they may NOT be used for invitational events.

While on the subject of new season paraphernalia, please make sure to affix your sticker to your bag tag. It's a great help for staff and players to be confident that folk on the golf course should be on the golf course.

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