What to Wear, Conduct, Health & Safety

We are delighted to share Knaresborough Golf Club and its facilities with Visitors, who are regarded as Members for the day. A few pieces of guidance to make your day go swimmingly:

On the Course

We think our dress code reflects the right balance, with a requirement that dedicated golfing clothing be worn on the Course. Working from ground up, footwear must be designed for golf (except for youngsters of 12 or under who may wear training shoes). In the leg department, denim or cargo-style trousers or shorts are not permitted. Tailored shorts are welcome, but accompanying socks, if long, must be either colour-coordinated or predominantly white. Ankle length socks must be white. Sports shirts other than golf-specific, are not permitted. Similarly T-shirts and sleeveless shirts.

Tracksuits and such like are not permitted. Trouser bottoms may not be tucked into socks and when caps are worn the peak must to the front.

In The Clubhouse

The general principle is that we try to tread the line between tradition and contemporary attire. We ask that our Members and Visitors dress appropriately for the venue. This means casual clothing is generally allowed, on condition that it is compliant, clean, not torn, and likely to pass muster under the eagle eyes of our Club Manager and his staff who are empowered to ensure that everyone using the Club sticks to the bye laws. These can be found here. Persons not complying may be asked to leave the premises.

We don't have a spike bar, so please be prepared to change into regular footwear in our accommodating Locker room. Hats, wet or soiled clothing or golfing rainwear should also be changed before entering the Clubhouse other than changing areas.

To avoid spoiling the ambience, mobile phone use is actively discouraged on the golf course and not permitted on the first floor of the clubhouse.


In everyone's interest we request that Visitors and Guests show consideration for other players, avoiding slow play, repairing divots and pitch marks and raking bunkers.

Health and Safety

Whatever your choice of golfing footwear, we have to point out that none are guaranteed to prevent a slip on hard, wet or inclined surfaces. Please take care and be aware that the Club can take no responsibility for falls or other injurious mishaps.

Players have a duty of care not to behave in such a way that others may be injured by their actions. They also have a duty of care not to injure themselves.

Fog & Ice

The fact that the course may not have been officially closed does not warrant that it is fit to play.

If conditions are foggy and you are unable to see where the ball is likely to land or ground conditions are such that it is impossible to judge how far the ball is likely to travel DO NOT PLAY!

Playing in such circumstances is dangerous - Players do so at their own risk


If there is a risk of lightning play MUST be discontinued.

Players MUST proceed in accordance with Rule 6-8 of the Rules of Golf whether or not the klaxon is sounded.

Play is automatically discontinued on the sound of one long blast of the klaxon and a player MAY NOT override a Club Official's decision in this respect. In these circumstances play will be resumed on the sound of 2 long blasts of the Klaxon.

Please note that all the above guidance is extracted from the Club's Bye-Laws, and may not represent the full extent of our terms and conditions. Further information is available on request.