A week in the life of greens 12-16 Nov 2018


Greens swished to remove dew and worm casts after the weekend rain.

Greens cleared of debris.

All large bunkers  blown and raked(Sand Pro)

Leaves collected and mulched- as every other day.

In-house repair of Toro 4500 to get back in to action.

Tree felling- 2 Silver Birch and 1 Maple tree image

Non-scheduled works;

due to weather conditions being perfect the Greens were sprayed today with Aqua Zorb 45.to help water penetrate through the root zone and stop dew settling on the grass leaf, aiding deeper rooting.

Assistant head Green keeper Neil spraying 18th green



Greens swished and cleared of debris

Sam removing pine needles on 13th

Sam removing pine needles on 13th

Fairways cut(to be completed Wednesday)

Leaf blowing,collection and mulching.

Last  remaining Silver Birch on the 4th now removed as part of development works.

Tee markers moved.


Greens swished and debris removed.

Green keepers shed cleaned out as course furniture brought in for maintenance/repair.

Fairway mowing completed. Practice ground cut.

All tees and approaches cut.

Drains installed to 8th and 16th bunkers which are currently being renovated

Jake installing drains on 16th

Jake installing drains on 16th


Swished greens

Leaf blowing  from all greens and approaches.

Bunker debris removed and then all bunkers raked.

Debris from trees burned in railway cutting.

Rest of day spent clearing,blowing , collection and mulching of leaves.


Weekend preparation started.

Greens swished.

All greens cut and brushed from left to right- cutting height now set at 5mm.

All approaches cut in two different directions.

Bunkers blown and raked. Tee markers moved.

New pin positions cut.

8th green hole core showing sand filled hollow tines and clay bottom

8th green hole core showing sand filled hollow tines and clay bottom

Holes 1-13 now have the blue approach lines in situ. Holes 14-18 will be completed on Monday.

Leaf collection as usual.

Editor's note.

Last week I reported that the greens were cut in a specific way to discourage weeds. Andy the head Green keeper informed me this was not the case. The reason is to achieve   vertical growth and discourage horizontal growth!

This just goes to show you shouldn't always listen to what that fat Scot in the office tells you-his own words not mine!





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