A week in the life of Greens (7-11 Jan 2019)

Well here's to the first post of 2019.

It was business as usual for the Greens staff carrying out winter maintenance on the first day of the first full week back after the Christmas break.

And then it all went mental!

Turf stripping , path construction , tree works and the small matter of earth moving to create the new bunkers (see photos).

Tuesday through Friday saw a frenzied amount of activity from the greens staff and the contractors brought in to construct the new bunkers.

Plant and machinery was moved  on to the 4th hole.

Head Greenkeeper Andy stripped turf for the site of the fairway bunkers

Neil, Jake and Sam worked on standardising the trees around the 4th hole ( so that although they are still obstacles, you do have the opportunity to show your skill levels in the art of recovery from the woods!)

Chas and Chris have constructed a new path to the right of the green.

Contractors Reece and Danny constructed the two fairway bunkers to a level where the drainage and root zone can be done.

They then moved onto construct the new bunkers on the 6th and 7 th holes (with all the necessary prep,work carried out by our Greens staff beforehand)

What a week of productivity that has transformed the 4th hole.

Well done to all involved.

Will this be the new signature hole?

Photos of the week's work.



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