A week in the life of greens

Monday 5th November 2018.

All greens were "swished" first thing this morning.Bunkers were raked .

All tees were mown including the lilac tees. The majority of the fairways were cut with any remaining to be done on Tuesday. The practice ground and  greens are to be cut later in the week. All tee markers were re-positioned to minimise wear and tear. (Note to please use the soil/sand /seed mix on all the par 3's

With regard to this, are you aware that there are divot bags next to the shoe cleaner just outside the clubhouse? Ideally, everyone should be taking one of these with them every time they play. Please fill all divot holes where you are unable to replace the divot.

This however, is one divot that should never have been made!

9th green

9th green

The blue lines around the greens will shortly be reinstated.

The major project this week is still dealing with leaves. The ditches on 6,7 & 8 have/will be cleared of  debris this week.

The 28 day rolling disease management programme was carried out today after the greens were cleared of debris

The drainage pipes have arrived and will be installed into the renovated 8th and 16th green-side bunkers.

The fairway on 6 has been widened to the right of the green in an attempt to help the drying out of this area over winter.


The irrigation system is to be shut down this week- pipes drained , electrics turned off and the main pump also drained to avoid freezing issues over winter.




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