A (few) week(s) in the life of Greens Jan 2019

Plenty has been happening at KGC since the last post.

Further Bunkers  have been added on 14 and 17. The Greenstaff have added drainage to all,along with sumps where necessary.

Neil and Jake have amended the profile on the approach bunker to the left of the 6th fairway to give the illusion of the bunker being closer to the green than it actually is..

Approach bunkers on 17th


14th  right hand bunkerInkedInked20190118_104547_resized[3277]_LI

Existing 17th fairway bunker filled in with newly constructed bunker visible on the right.


Last week Rennison Tree Specialists were on site to remove a number of Poplar trees from the dog leg on 9 and the rear of the 6th tee. Their tree-felling expertise was certainly tested on 9 as all the other trees were to remain in situ. The brief was achieved, resulting in  a much changed skyline and a much improved golf hole.

From this...

IMG_1785 (1)

...to this


The hedge on the 6th has been attended to so that the large tree is now more prominent.

From this...


...to this



Hopefully the weather improves over the next few days and you can see for yourselves the dramatic changes and improvements taking place at KGC.

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