World Handicapping System

Recently England Golf began issuing their suggested “Timetable” that listed their suggested structured approach to Golf Clubs for imparting information to Members about the World Handicap System (WHS) which will be implemented from 2nd November this year.

At KGC we are using various means to share this information; Notice Boards, Club Social Media (e.g. club website, Facebook etc.) and Newsletter.

England Golf have helpfully provided us with a timetable for when we should be drip feeding the information out to Members, so please watch out for a steady stream of educational posters and such-like over the next weeks.

For now, here are a few updates:

Firstly, the course rating... explained... a bit.

which leads on to the course's so-called SLOPE rating... which has nothing to do with slopes.

If you want more (and let's face it, who wouldn't?), there's plenty of additional information on England Golf's website here

... or you would wait for our next thrilling instalment

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