You can still Introduce a Friend!

Even though we all know KGC is our own piece of paradise, and even though we know golf is a new-found escape from a certain disease, it's still nothing short of breathtaking, the number of people who have joined this summer. Not to mention the unprecedented number of visitors.

And we're still enjoying enquiries on an almost daily basis.

While we may have closed off the Flexi membership category, all others remain open. Combined with our Summer Taster, starting at £199 for a month (£399 for 3 months), it seems the current offerings are doing exactly what they were supposed to do... offering the right product for everyone.

So, here's one of those "while stocks last" moments. Members hopefully know that we've extended the benefits of the Introduce a Friend scheme. Usually, mid-year joiners only enjoy pro rata benefits, but this year, until the end of July we're offering the full £100 off for 5,6 and 7 day joiners (and their introducers).... and half the amount again on subs day next year.

So, if you introduce a "genuine" friend right now, 7 day membership works out at just £691 for the new joiner, £100 for the introducer, and £50 each off next year. That's just one example... we have a matrix... The deal applies to 5,6 and 7 day members and runs through to end of July. Contact the office for exact pricing per category.

So... check your pals... they may want the deal of the century... while stocks last.

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