One of North Yorkshire's finest golf courses

The closest Harrogate district club to the A1, Knaresborough Golf Club boasts one of the finest courses in the area.

Knaresborough Golf Club has continually invested in its beautiful Hawtree-designed course and a raft of recent changes make it a truly superb golfing challenge.

Freedom, Fresh Air and Friendship

It's been a sad, worrying and generally tough time for many people, whether or not the current pandemic has touched them directly. So it might seem frivolous to turn to what is, after all, just a game. However there's wide acknowledgement that golf can play a part in maintaining our physical and mental health, which makes it important.

In an era where "mindfulness" has crept into our vocabulary, there's nothing much more mindful than golf... an activity that occupies the brain for four hours at a time. Troubles are somehow diminished from the moment one arrives at the first tee... admittedly to be replaced by a lot of far more trivial troubles!

Golf at KGC enables people of all ages and ability to enjoy competitive activity, exercise and social interaction, all in beautiful surroundings.

As we gradually emerge from our confinement it's truly wonderful to witness the smiles, enjoy the chat and engage in the buzz of the game. So why don't you join us?

"Clubs always say there's never been a better time, but right now there really has never been a better time"

Whether you're new to the game or considering a return, you won't find a more welcoming home than Knaresborough Golf Club. Our friendly, helpful team will help you to get integrated into the game and the club.

You'll never look back... and that's a promise.

Year-round Golf at Knaresborough

Always one of the more playable courses in the area through the winter, new drainage ditches have been skilfully integrated into the design, adding to the playing experience while simultaneously keeping the course open in all but the most unpleasant conditions. New paths do their bit to keep feet dry and the walking areas walkable. And while we offer winter mats, if you really don't want to use one you don't have to, the club operating the option of carrying a divot repair bag.

 If you'd like more information about membership at KGC, just call our friendly office staff on 01423 862690 (extension 1) or complete the contact form

As we always say, you're very welcome!