In recent years Knaresborough Golf Club has continually invested in its beautiful Hawtree-designed course. Through hot summers a new irrigation system means the greens stay green and have never played better. A host of new drainage ditches have been skilfully integrated into the design, adding to the playing challenge while also keeping the course more playable than ever in wet conditions. And new paths do their bit to keep feet dry and the walking areas walkable. Always one of the more playable courses in the area through the winter, there's now no excuse not to get out there!

This winter, if you really don't want to use a mat, you don't have to, the club operating the option of carrying a divot repair bag.

When it comes to membership, Knaresborough Golf Club offers something for every pocket and every lifestyle, with membership packages starting at just £339 and a brilliant team to help the newcomer get integrated into the game and the club from the start.

We're on a mission to introduce more people to the wonderful game and again we're doing our bit to help the beginner get started or the experienced get better. Check out our frankly amazing introductory offers here and you'll see there's something for you or your loved one (or indeed both!). These special deals offer coaching combined with a month's free membership, so you really can "try before you buy" into the full membership experience.

As we always say, you're very welcome!